BREAKING: Ted Cruz Is Trying To Cover Up This MAJOR Discovery… His Campaign Is TOAST!

According to private investigators, Ted Cruz is not the man he claims to be. Despite his constant proclamation of being a “good” Christian and conservative, Ted Cruz is apparently everything BUT that.

This shocking information could easily mark the end of his campaign. Rumors claim that Trump leaked the information after hiring private investigators who immediately unearthed the shocking truth about Ted Cruz. Unfortunately for Cruz, it’s hard to hide this type of information from the public eye when you’re in the limelight.

In retrospect, perhaps he should’ve thought twice about running as this campaign might only be temporary, but losing his marriage is permanent. The private investigators uncovered at least 5 women with whom Ted Cruz has had extramarital affairs.

Allegedly, two of his mistresses include a sexy political consultant and a prominent D.C. attorney! The others have yet to be described, but we are expecting other high profile individuals to be named. The document, which is not available online yet, does not name the women. However, we expect the cheaters to come forward in the near future.

Do you think Ted Cruz should back out of the race today or wait?
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