BREAKING: Trump Caught In Secret Meeting With GOP Senator Who May Be His VP

Since Donald Trump is already the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, the focus has shifted to speculating as to who he will name as his running mate.

The Washington Post reported that Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker is scheduled to meet with Trump on Monday at Trump Tower, which has many predicting that the senator is on the business mogul’s vice presidential shortlist.

According to Conservative Tribune, 63 year-old Corker serves as chairman of the powerful Foreign Relations Committee, and he has been talking to Trump quite often in recent weeks. Trump has said he is looking for a Vice President who works in Congress and has foreign policy experience, so it appears Corker fits the bill of what he wants in a running mate.

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Though Corker has not yet officially endorsed Trump, he did seemingly praise him after his big foreign policy speech last month.

“I can’t imagine why people are taking this position of ‘never this, never that.’ Let’s work with him,” Corker said. “I’ve seen some flexibility already. We want good things to happen for our country.”

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