Carson Drops Bombshell About Trump – Nobody Saw This Coming

A few weeks ago, Dr. Ben Carson shocked everyone when he officially endorsed Donald Trump for president. Since the two men are total opposites, many speculated that Carson had been offered a job in Trump’s administration.

That’s what made Carson’s latest statement come as a huge surprise.

Ben Carson just issued a statement that many people weren’t expecting to hear.

When Carson came out a few weeks ago announcing that he was backing Trump’s run for the Presidency, many were surprised by the pair teaming up. The two seemed so opposed on the debate circuit. 

Instantly rumors and speculation grew that Carson was only doing this for a potential placement in a Trump White House. For many, they recognize the obvious brilliance of Dr. Carson’s mind for the medical field, but failed to connect with him on more domestic policies. However, unanimously people would love to see him as the Surgeon General.

Last Friday, Carson issued a statement that seems to rebuff these accusations of endorsement for a job deal that may have happened. 

“We haven’t talked about any specific positions. What we have talked about is the fact that we both have a strong desire to heal this country and to preserve it for the next generation, and that we would work together to help that happen. It’s a false narrative that I’m seeking some type of position. I don’t need a position. I already have a platform; have had a platform for many years, long before I got into this, and working in ways to get kids educated. I’m going to continue to do that.”

It’s well known that these types of deals take place all the time in politics, but for some reason a Trump/Carson team up on any scale is appalling to liberals who filed an official complaint questioning this very thing. Carson was asked the follow up:

“If he asked you, you would serve for him?”

To which Carson replied,

“It really kind of depends on the situation. Again, I must emphasize, it is not what I’m looking for. After what I’ve been through the last couple of years, are you kidding me?”

Carson shines through as a strong independent man. If Trump really wants him in a potential cabinet position it appears it will have to be an extremely sweet deal to offset the sting of scrutiny that Carson has been experiencing lately.

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