Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Drops Massive Hint About What Hillary Has Planned

This week Chelsea Clinton dropped a terrifying hint about her future, should her mother Hillary win the election. One Clinton in office is bad enough, but it looks like we may have to deal with two…

According to Mad World News, Chelsea sat down with Access Hollywood‘s Liz Hernandez at the Clinton Foundation Day of Action to talk about her representatives in New York. While Chelsea said she is happy with the current politicians in the state, she added that if that ever changes, she would definitely consider running for city council.

“I also think I’m really lucky to support and feel like I’m well represented, and my values are well represented by the people I could vote for. Like I really like my city councilwoman in New York, I really like my public advocate, I like my mayor, I like my congressman, I like my senators, I love my president,” Chelsea explained. “I think if that were to change, like if I didn’t like whomever were to succeed my councilwoman or my public advocate, then I would have to think, you know, could I make a real difference here or is this something that I should do.”


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