CIA Chief Turns On Obama – Drops Bombshell About President And ISIS

The White House is in panic mode this week after CIA director John Brennan turned on Obama and dropped a bombshell about the way Obama has handled Islamic terrorists.

Over the last few weeks, the world has been rocked by multiple mass terrorist attacks. These attacks have caused many to slam Obama for failing to take action against ISIS. Now, even the CIA chief is following suit.

Many people have blamed President Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy for the rise of the the Islamic State terror group. CIA Director John Brennan seems to agree with these accusations, according to Time magazine.

In a speech given immediately after the Paris terror attack in November, Brennan explained how the Islamic State terror group was “decimated” under the previous administration, but has grown quite significantly under Obama.

“It was, you know, pretty much decimated when U.S. forces were there in Iraq. It had maybe 700 or so adherents left. And then it grew quite a bit in the last several years, when it split then from al-Qaida in Syria, and set up its own organization,” Brennan said.

While he didn’t explicitly say the words “Bush” and “Obama,” it is pretty easily inferred from his remarks. U.S. forces were in Iraq under Bush, and then left under Obama.

Brennan also, correctly, predicted that the Islamic State terror attack in Paris was not their only operation, and that Europe would continue to see more attacks.

“It is clear to me that ISIL has an external agenda, that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks. This is not something that was done in a matter of days,” he stated. “And so I would anticipate that this is not the only operation that ISIL has in the pipeline.”

Tragically, Brennan was proved correct last week when bombs went off in Brussels killing over 30 people and injuring hundreds more. Now, Europe is hunting down those responsible for the attacks and trying to prevent the next wave of death.

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