Company Threatens To EVICT Veteran For Putting Up American Flag – Then This Happens

An apartment complex in California recently told their residents that they could no longer hang American flags outside their homes due to a complaint they received.

Residents were told they would be evicted if they did not take down their flags, but one family decided to take a stand. According to Conservative Tribune, Joel Semar said the new rule made him angry because “this is America.”

Semar’s mother Deine told KMPH that watching the American flag wave back and forth always takes her back in time.

“My husband fought in the war. He was in the military for four years during World War II, he served in France,” she said.

Semar decided to fight back against the rule by calling the apartment complex’s corporate office in Boston.

“They won’t let you talk to anybody,” he lamented. “You have to put your complaint on a voice mail complaint line and I called four times. I left the same message and I have not heard from them.”

When this failed, he decided to contact the press. Reporter  Erik Rosales then got involved and contacted the apartment complex’s corporate office, and his call was returned within hours. A spokesperson for the complex has revealed that everything has since been straightened out.

“Our staff personally put the flag back up this afternoon. This incident was the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. We apologize,” the email said.

We’re glad to hear Semar and his family can fly their American flag in peace. SHARE this story if you love our flag!



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