While We Were Distracted With the Election, Obama Quietly Did THIS

While we were all focusing on the presidential election, Obama has been quietly smuggling an alarming number of Syrian refugees into the US.

According to Right Wing News, the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States skyrocketed to 1,037 during May, which is an increase of 130 percent over the previous month. However, the number of Christian refugees admitted remained very small, with only two Christians (0.19 percent) coming in compared to 1,035 Muslims.

This means that the total number of refugees let in since the beginning of 2016 is 2,099, compared to 2,192 for the whole of 2015, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.

It’s sickening that Obama is persecuting Christians by basically only letting Muslim refugees into our country. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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