Donald Trump Facing Damning Rape Accusation

Liberals thought they’d hit a goldmine recently when they a series of lawsuits were filed against Donald Trump for raping a child in the 1990s. Now, however, it has been revealed that these lawsuits were coordinated by a crazy anti-Trump campaigner who has a history of making outlandish claims about celebrities.

The Guardian reported that the lawsuits were filed by Norm Lubow, a former producer on the Jerry Springer TV show who previously alleged that OJ Simpson bought illegal drugs on the day Simpson’s wife was murdered, and that Kurt Cobain’s widow had the Nirvana frontman killed. Lubow filed the lawsuits in California and New York using the name Katie Johnson and claiming that Trump raped her when she was 13. The business mogul has always denied the accusation.

“This is basically a sham lawsuit brought by someone who desires to impact the presidential election,” said Alan Garten, an attorney for Trump. “I don’t even know if there is a plaintiff. I don’t know a lawyer worthy of the bar who would put his name to this lawsuit.”

We’re glad to see that these allegations have been cleared up. Donald Trump is NOT a rapist!



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