Donald Trump Gets Some Bad News From Obama’s Liberal Media

The liberal media took yet another hit at GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump this weekend when the Boston Globe released a bogus Sunday edition lampooning The Donald that was meant to give Americans a glimpse of what life will be like here if he gets elected.

Journalist Matt Drudge posted three pages of the newspaper, dated April 9, 2016, on Drudge Report and on Twitter on Saturday.

“Boston Globe set to publish fake news tomorrow, in lampoon Trump edition of Sunday paper,” he wrote as a caption, according to Daily Mail.

The fake newspaper edition portrays Trump’s America as a riot-torn country where curfews are enforced as mass deportations loom, while markets around the world collapse due to impending trade wars with Mexico and China.


“President Trump has set in motion one of his most controversial campaign promises, calling on Congress to fund a ‘massive deportation force’ by tripling the number of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents,” one of the stories begins.

Another story was headlined “Markets sink as trade wars loom.”

‘Worldwide stocks plunged again Friday, completing the worst month on record as trade wars with both China and Mexico seem imminent,” the article said.


A more serious fictional editorial was called, “GOP must stop Trump.”


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