Donald Trump Gets Some VERY Good News – This Could Change Everything

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump got some much needed good news on Tuesday when Missouri’s secretary of state Jason Kander officially declared that Trump had won a narrow victory in the state over Ted Cruz. Trump will now be awarded the state’s 12 at-large delegates.

According to CNN, the final tally revealed Trump had barely edged out Cruz in the March 15 primary by 40.8%-40.6%, or by fewer than 2,000 votes. The 12 delegates are even more crucial to Trump now after his brutal loss to Cruz in Colorado on Saturday.

Trump now stands at 758 delegates, 479 delegates short of the 1,237 he needs to clench the GOP nomination. At this point, Cruz has 538 delegates, Marco Rubio has 173 and John Kasich has 145.

Kander also declared victory for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the state in another close race. Hillary came out on top by 49.6%-49.4%, or by about 1,500 votes of the 630,000 cast in the Democratic primary.

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