Fans Shocked After Keith Urban Announces THIS… Wow

When country music fans heard that Keith Urban had named his new album and tour “Ripcord,” they were confused. After months of speculation, Keith finally has revealed the emotional meaning behind the name, and it will make you love him even more.

“The image of a ripcord, I like it. I like the sound of the word. I like the energy that it denotes,” he began, according to Q Political.

Keith went on to explain that it’s not just the imagery of a real ripcord that inspired him, it’s the emotional truth it symbolizes.

“But metaphorically, I also love that it’s a thing that you grab to save your life, and that’s a really beautiful thing,” Keith explained. “And I was thinking about the various things in my life that I reach for, like family, faith, music, all manner of things. So, Ripcord took on a whole new meaning, but it really, for me, fits the music. It definitely fits the tour.”

God bless you, Keith Urban!



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