FBI Issues Grim Warning To Police Officers – ‘Beware of Purges’

Americans everywhere are still struggling to recover from the devastating shooting on Thursday night in Dallas that left five police officers dead at the hands of a Black Lives Matter protester. Now, the FBI office in New Orleans has issued a grim warning to Louisiana police officers that shows just how far Obama’s America has fallen…

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Obama’s tireless efforts during his presidency to divide our country along racial lines. The blood of the fallen police officers is on his hands…

The New Orleans office of the FBI issued a “Gold Code” warning Thursday to Louisiana law enforcement that law enforcement and other first responders, in addition to the general public, are in danger because of protests and purges linked to the July 5 police shooting of Alton Sterling.

According to the FBI Memo, the purpose of the Situational Informational Report (SIR) is to alert first responders of threats to law enforcement and violence to law enforcement officers and riots planned 8-to-10 July 2016.

A “Gold Code” memo is a fraternal warning between law enforcement agencies and officers.

According to the report, “FBI New Orleans Comment: The Louisiana Fusion Center confirmed additional protests are planned in multiple locations, throughout Louisiana, but cannot confirm additional threats of violence at this time.”

The memo details protests planned for Shreveport and Baton Rouge and includes a graphic illustration of a Black Lives Matter activist in the process of beheading a white police officer, who is on his knees similar to the pose of victims of Islamic State beheadings.

In the SIR, the FBI quotes social media postings, such as: “Baton Rouge Purge starts July 9 12 am end 5 am July 10” and “Rule 1: Kill Every Police. Copy and Paste so no one in your family be purge.”

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