Former Trump Campaign Manager Drops Bombshell About Trump’s VP – Nobody Saw This Coming

Earlier this week, Donald Trump shocked everyone by firing his longtime campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. On Thursday, Lewandowski was officially hired by CNN as their latest political correspondent.

Now, Lewandowski is coming forward to reveal some juicy insight about Trump’s vice presidential shortlist.

“These are people everybody will know,” Lewandowski said on CNN, according to The Hill. “They are household names. People will be very, very happy when he decides on one of these individuals.”

Conservative Tribune reported that Lewandowski went on to say that the list had four names on it the last time he saw it, and it included both men and women “of the highest quality” who were “ready and able to serve.”

“They’d be ready to go on day one,” he said. “There’s no-on-the-job training here. They will help him achieve his legislative agenda.”

When pressed, Lewandowski refused to name any of the people on the list.

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