Fox News Fans Stunned When She Does THIS On Live TV

Kristin Tate has quickly developed a name for herself by destroying liberals on a regular basis. This week, she appeared on Fox & Friends to give Democrats all over America a serious dose of reality, and that’s exactly what she did!


Watch as Kristin gives liberals the wakeup call they desperately need.

Kristin was appearing on the popular Fox talk show to promote her new book Government Gone Wild.

The book exposes some of Obama’s biggest secrets — things he does NOT want to go public. The White House is sure to go into panic mode when this book hits stores.

Make sure you pre-order your copy today to make sure you get one before they sell out! This is going to be a bombshell.

It’s a great read for anyone who is SICK and tired of Democrats being in power and running our country into the ground!


You can buy Kristin’s book here.



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