From Lame To Fame: Amazing Celebrity Transformations That’ll Make You Double-Take!

Stars grow up just like regular people. Plus, with the added pressure from fans and critics, it makes sense that celebrities would want to change a few things every now and again. From weight loss to total make overs, these 30 stars have had the biggest and most inspirational transformations of our time.

Chris Pratt – Then


Chris Pratt had made quite a fine career out of playing the ‘dopey fat guy’ on shows like ‘Parks & Rec.’  But he was tired of the man he saw in the mirror and wanted to land bigger roles in Blockbuster Movies.

Chris Pratt – Now


Chris hit the gym hard, and paid off with his rock hard abs.  It turned out to be a lucrative move on his part as he landed leading roles in ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy.’