From Lame To Fame: Amazing Celebrity Transformations That’ll Make You Double-Take!

Stars grow up just like regular people. Plus, with the added pressure from fans and critics, it makes sense that celebrities would want to change a few things every now and again. From weight loss to total make overs, these 30 stars have had the biggest transformations of our time.


Jonah Hill – 2016


Jonah Hill has become rather well known for his rapid weight fluctuations.  In 2016 he appeared to be bigger than he had ever been.  He decided it was time for a serious change in 2017.  Click through to see Jonah Today.

Jonah Hill – 2017


Jonah was spotted on the set of a new TV show he is filming for Netflix looking slimmer than ever.  He is also rocking an awesome mullet, joined with Emma Stone.  It looks as though they are filming a show set in the 80’s.

Mama June – Before


The mother of Honey Boo Boo has in the spotlight for some years now.  It was only a matter of time before the Hollywood influence took hold of her and she started to change her appearance.

Mama June – After


Not only does Mama June look amazingly healthy after losing over 100 lbs, she looks 20 years younger! Quite a transformation.  Click ‘Next’ to see who else makes the list.

John Goodman – Then


John Goodman is about as loved an actor as their is on the planet.  He was always known as the lovable ‘fat guy’ in his movies and TV shows.  He decided he was tired of that in 2016, as he weighed nearly 400 lbs, and made a lifestyle change.

John Goodman – Now


After losing more than 100 lbs, John not only looks better but he says he feels better than he has in decades.

Melissa McCarthy – Then


The hilarious ‘Bridesmaids’ actress has always been on the heavy size.  She was tired of being cast as the ‘fat funny friend’ and set out on a mission to lose weight and get more leading roles.

Melissa McCarthy – Now


After losing more than 50 lbs, McCarthy revealed that she removed all carbs and sweets from her diet.  One negative to her weight loss is that she lost her role on the show ‘Mike and Molly’ because the producers felt she didn’t fit the image of the character anymore.

Chris Pratt – Then


Chris Pratt had made quite a fine career out of playing the ‘dopey fat guy’ on shows like ‘Parks & Rec.’  But he was tired of the man he saw in the mirror and wanted to land bigger roles in Blockbuster Movies.

Chris Pratt – Now


Chris hit the gym hard, and paid off with his rock hard abs.  It turned out to be a lucrative move on his part as he landed leading roles in ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Adele – Then


Adele has one of the best voices of this generation.  She has a powerful voice that was believed to be backed by her weight.

Adele – Now


Adele proved critics wrong, as after she lost over 60 lbs, she continues to win Grammy’s to this day because of her stellar voice.  She also looks amazing while doing it.

Sam Smith – Then


Sam Smith is literally the male version of Adele.  They both have voices of a generation, both rose to fame around the same time, and both started losing weight at the same time.

Sam Smith – Now


Sam Smith might be the craziest transformation of this whole list.  He is incredibly skinny now.  Almost skinny enough for us to call for him to put back some more weight on!

Adam Richman – Then


It isn’t crazy to believe Adam Richman weighed so much at one point.  He was the host of the show ‘Man Vs. Food’ where he traveled around the country eating some of the most unhealthy foods you can possibly find.  He reached some seriously unhealthy weights during that time.

Adam Richman – Now


After the show ended, Adam dedicated himself to getting healthy.  He looks amazing now!

Christina Aguilera – Then


Christina Aguilera, who was a teen heartthrob, gained some serious weight after having children.  It wasn’t entirely her fault and the criticism she got from the media was unfair.  However, she didn’t like her appearance either and decided to get back in shape.

Christina Aguilera – Now


After some serious dieting, Christina is looking better than ever.  She is one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Gabourey Sidibe – Then


Academy Award winning Gabourey Sidibe has said she was fat shamed after her rise to fame.  For a while she refused to lose weight, but changed her mind after becoming more educated about the dangers of obesity.

Gabourey Sidibe – Now


Although her transformation isn’t quite as drastic as others on this list, Gabourey definitely shed quite a few pounds.  She is very happy with the way she looks and feels, which is the important part.

Bouncing Back


Kim Kardashian-West is one of our era’s biggest beauty icons. While she still looked good during pregnancy, she managed to bounce right back into her perfecetly proportioned shape.

Hollywood Glam


Lana Del Rey has reinvented herself from a quiet singer named Lizzy Grant to a hollywood glam girl. Was plastic surgery involved? Who cares, she has a great voice.

Working Out In Heels Is Dedication


You may have seen the photos of a chubbier Mariah Carey, but with a little hard work (even in heels), she’s managed to whip it back into shape.

Bad Boy


Justin Beiber once made millions of pre-teen girls swoon. Now, he’s adopting more of a “bad boy” look. But this new image has been under fire for cultural appropriation.

Is This Tuna Chicken Or Fish?


It’s chicken… it’s fish… it’s Jessica Simpson looking great! She’s a mother of two, but she looks like she did ten years ago.

Black V’s All Day


Ricky Gervais is a funny guy, but he got serious about his weight loss. He’s still rocking black v-necks and a face full of hair.

From Weird To Chic


Ozzy Osborn’s daughter, Kelly, has slowly transformed into a confident, stunning woman. She always has great, unqiue hair and is ready to savagely critique your outfit.

Barbi Doll


Nicki Minaj a.k.a “Barbi” hasn’t always had the body she has today. It may have been plastic surgery, but no one’s complaining. She looks good!

That Booty Tho


Another Kardashian makes the list. Khloe has been body shamed for being a little heavier than her sisters. She’s recently lost weight and she’s killing it.

Buffing Up


You know Chris Pratt from his goofy character in Parks and Rec, but luckily (for us) he got some great movie roles and had to buff up.

Is She Shrinking?


Is it just me, or does Nicole Richie seem to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go by? It’s okay though, those collar bones are striking.

Shedding Layers


She’s known for her big baggy clothes and rapping skills. Now, Missy Elliot is serving all the attitude with her new slimmer and sleeker style.

It’s Britney B*tch


Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head? Hey, we’ve all been to some rough places. Luckily for Britney, she’s back at it and looks as great as ever.

Say Perhaps To Weight Loss


All male comedians must have to start out chubby and lose weight in order to make it big, and that’s exactly what happened to Jonah Hill.

Bigger Than Ever


Wendy Williams has a big personality and even bigger breasts. They seemed to have gotten bigger too, or maybe her waist got smaller, or both!

The Hangover Weight Loss Secret


You know Zach Galifianakis from his role in The Hangover and as the host of Between Two Ferns. Once again, this funny guy started out big and had to slim down to walk the red carpet.

From Goth to… Not Goth


Jack Osbourne has transformed much like his sister, Kelly. He slimmed down and grew out of his weird goth phase (though, who could blame him… his dad is Ozzy Osbourne).

Bye-Bye Meatball

Wikimedia Commons

Snooki was once a “meatball” on the Jersey Shore. Now, she’s started a more healthy lifestyle because she wants to be a role model to her kids.



Okay, this is two transformations in one, but it’s the Olsen twins. Remember the innocent twins on Full House? Well, now they’re just skinny rich girls living the life.

Country Girl At Heart


Miley Cyrus has changed her image many times. Her most recent switch has been taking off her wild girl image (which she stole from hip hop culture), and returning to a more down to earth Miley.

Attitude Adjustment


You probably hate him for his harsh critiques, but Perez Hilton has transformed himself into a Hollywood hottie. Has his attitude changed? Actually, yes. He’s a little nicer now.

Little Girls Have Always Looked Up To Her


She once stared in a Nick TV show as a red-headed weirdo. Now, she’s on a world tour and she’s killing the selfie game tbh.

Love Yourself


Jennifer Hudson has been praised on her work devoted to losing weight. Now she encourages her fans to love who they are and appreciate themselves.

She Really Is A Genie In A Bottle


You’ve probably seen a bad picture or heard a harsh critique of Christina Aguilera’s body. But no need to worry, she looks fantastic still!

That’s The Way Weight Loss Goes


Janet Jackson has also been critiqued for gaining some weight (hmm, I’m sensing a pattern here). But the star’s been working hard and appears to be in great shape.

Girls With Attitude


Lena Dunham’s body has been a target ever since she’s appeared naked on our television screens for her role in Girls. She’s lost some weight now and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her body anymore.

Why So Serious?


He once had long luscious locks of hair and a beard to go with it, but Jared Leto’s role as the Joker required him to cut it all off. He’s also had to slim down for a few roles.

Now HE’S The Hot One


You might remember Josh Peck from his role as Drake Bell’s brother in Drake and Josh. He used to be chubby, but now he’s solid as a rock and he’s proud of it.

Innocence Lost


Demi Lovato used to look so innocent on the Disney Channel. She’s definitely transformed into a more confident version of herself and she’s not afraid to show off her new body.

Fabulous Plastic


Probably the biggest transformation belongs to Kylie Jenner. Once again, there’s probably some plastic surgery involved here. But hey, you have to admit she’s beautiful!