Game of Thrones Characters – How They Are Described in Book and How They Appear on TV

Lovers of HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones who have read George R.R Martin’s book A Song of Ice and Fire upon which the series is based, acknowledge the fact that key differences exist between the characters in the book and TV series. Naturally, the nature of the medium allows some changes to take place as we transit from the books to a television show. Even as the show continues to develop through season 7, the differences between the book version and the show become more pronounced. In this article, we compile the key differences between characters as portrayed in the “Game of Thrones” book and how they appear on the show.


John Snow


He is the bastard son of Ned Stark. He is despised by his stepmother and is sent to be part of the Night’s watch group at a tender age. According to the description in the book, John resembles a Stark more than any of his step brothers. He has a long face, dark hair, and gray eyes. Although John Snow in the movies has all the other traits, the aspect of gray eyes is missing, and somehow, his face isn’t long.

Arya Stark


Arya is the third born in the family of Ned and Catelyn Stark. In the Series, she is portrayed as a naughty girl who can’t be tamed. She prefers being more like a man than a lady- the reason why she loves running around and fighting. In the book, she is described as a small and skinny girl who resembles her brother John Snow. She has dark hair, long face with gray eyes.

Sam Tarly


John Snow’s most loyal friend and a brother of the Night’s watch. He is rejected by his father who is a powerful Lord since he preferred reading to hunting and fighting. His weight is his defining feature. He has pale eyes and dark hair as well. John Bradley matches this description regarding weight, but the beard isn’t mentioned anywhere in the book.

Sansa Stark


Sansa is a sister to Arya and the eldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. George Martin describes Sansa as the complete replica of her mother. She has thick auburn hair with dark blue eyes. She is tall and beautiful. The matching of Sophie Turner and Sansa Stark is perfect because she has all the traits of Sansa as described in the book.



She is the priestess of the Lord of Light giving birth to a shadow baby at one point. In the book, Melisandre is known to use her beauty to win people’s hearts. Her long hair copper hair and her pale skin compliment her beauty well. She has an amazing figure with a narrow waist. Carice Van Houten is a perfect match.

Daenerys Targaryen


She is commonly referred to as the Queen of the Dragons and the Breaker of Chains. Probably, the only surviving member of the family Targaryen who is on a mission to take over the Kings Landing. Her beauty in the book is described as stunning. She is portrayed with purple eyes and silver-blonde hair. In the movie, Daenerys possesses all the other traits, but she lacks the purple eyes.

Yara Greyjoy

The sister of Theon Greyjoy who is the preferred heir to the throne. A skilled ship captain and a commander of a loyal army. She is known as Asha in the book, and she is greatly admired by many due to her stunning beauty. She has a big nose and black and cropped hair. Probably the most mismatched character in the TV series. The director gets everything wrong about her starting from the name.