Geraldo Rivera Just Got Fired AGAIN!

A few weeks ago, former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera lost his job with WABC Radio. This week, Rivera was humiliated when he effectively got fired in front of America once again.

According to Conservative Tribune, Rivera got the dubious distinction of being the first contestant eliminated from the latest season of Dancing With The Stars on Monday night. Minutes before his elimination, Rivera promised to “make dance great again” with a Donald Trump-inspired routine, but it didn’t go well for him at all.

The disturbing routine opened with Rivera seated at a desk in the Oval Office wearing a Trump wig with an obvious spray tan as he pretended to call Vladimir Putin. Things only got worse from there…

“Unfortunately, you did not make dance great again, but you did make me laugh,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba told him.

Rivera later showed his humiliation on Twitter.

What do you think of Rivera’s embarrassing performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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