Girl Goes To Grocery Store In White Shorts – What Happens Next Is Going Viral

Brok Neilson was walking through a supermarket in Australia when he came upon a brunette who was so beautiful that she stopped him in his tracks.

Brok told Sunrise TV that the woman smiled at him and had “good eyes,” but since he was on the phone, he couldn’t approach her. According to IJ Review, his friend Blake Mitchell Nicholls took the following photo of her instead:


Blake later posted on Woolworths Supermarket Facebook page in an attemptt to find Brok’s “dream girl”:

“Hello Woolworths, I’ll start by saying my loyalty to Woolworths is second to none. I was at Woolworths (Q Super Centre) this evening at 7:38pm (AEST) with my friend Brok buying fresh produce to make butter chicken when he’s glanced over at the girl of his dreams.

For years, you’ve brought people together with your sensational service, fantastic products with a catchy theme song that’s kept me coming back, so now do what you do best and bring these two together.

(Girl buying mushrooms if you read this, we will be in this section every night at 7:38pm until we meet again) #hopeforbrok”

“She was gorgeous, scanning over the mushrooms in the fresh produce section,” Brok recounted. ” I saw her face and went crazy for her but she got away,luckily my friend jumped in and got a photo of her and now we’re closer to finding out who she is.”

After the post went viral, a friend of the girl met with Brok and Blake. She is now trying to facilitate a meeting between her friend and Brok.

Brok told that though many girls have come forward claiming to be the girl, he just “knows” the real produce-loving beauty hasn’t revealed herself just yet.

Though some find Brok’s quest to be romantic, others think it’s downright creepy.




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