GOP Establishment Launches Disturbing Plan To Rip Nomination From Trump

The GOP establishment has been trying to stop Donald Trump for months, and it looks like they may have finally succeeded.

Veteran political strategist Roger Stone has warned that if Trump is able to win the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright, the party will still try to steal the nomination from him. They will reportedly go about this by changing the rules of the convention.

“In a number of states, the Republican chairman is essentially placing non-Trump people into Trump delegate slots,” Stone told Breitbart. “Under the party rules, anyone can register to be a delegate. You don’t have to really be ‘a Trump supporter.’ While those delegates would be bound by the results of primaries or caucuses to vote for Trump on the first ballot, they are not bound on procedural matters like the rules.”

“So, the idea is to have a majority against Trump prior to the first ballot, which you could essentially lay the groundwork for the big steal, by passing as they did to Ron Paul three years ago, rules that are detrimental to Trump, or by unseating Trump delegates,” he continued. “The rules committee could theoretically say, states that allowed Democrats and independents to vote without changing their registration to Republican — those delegates would be disallowed.”

Stone went on to say that the GOP convention will be an all-out brawl between members of the Republican establishment and Trump supporters.

“I think it’s going to be a barn burner. I used to think that if Trump got to 1,237 [delegates] that would be the ball game,” Stone said. “By the way, I think that’s still possible, but not definite. He’s got to get 57 percent of the 1,009 delegates still available going forward, of which 217 are in winner-take-all states.”

“I now believe that even if he gets to 1,237, they’re going to play games with the rules and the credentials if they have control of those committees,” he added. “Remember, those committees are made up by two members from each state, selected by the state’s party chairman. So you don’t know, in states where Trump swept the primary, that the party chairman is going to send copacetic people for Trump to the committees. In fact, it is unlikely.”

“You’re not going to know until you get there,” Stone continued. “The rules of the committee, the rules of the convention were only adopted for the previous convention and they expire prior to this convention.”

Stone pointed out that Rule 40-B, the rule used to disqualify Ron Paul from the first ballot, “will expire, and can either be renewed, replaced, revised, or completely repealed. On the other hand, you may have new, noxious rules that may be detrimental to Trump. I can think of half a dozen that could be passed. But that’s where the real fight will be. The test vote will be on a rules or credentials matter, and then you’ll know who’s going to win on the first ballot.”

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