Here’s The Damning Report Hillary Clinton Is Trying To Delete From The Internet

Hillary Clinton is constantly claiming that she is not a puppet for major corporations, but a bombshell new report has revealed that in reality, that’s exactly what she is.

Politico reported on Thursday that a group of over 50 executive chairmen and CEOs has endorsed Clinton, claiming that she is the “strong leader” the country needs. According to Conservative Tribune, this group of executives includes power players like General Motors CEO Dan Akerson, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, DISH Network Co-Founder Joe Gebbia and Delta Air Lines Executive Chairman Richard Anderson.

In the clip below, you’ll find out which presidential candidate has secured the most donations from Wall Street during this election. SPOILER ALERT: It’s Hillary Clinton.

Even Elizabeth Warren, the woman many experts believe will become Hillary’s running mate, spoke out to slam her for her habit of accepting money from literally anyone in 2004.

“She has taken money from the groups,” she said in 2004 when asked about why Hillary voted in favor of a malicious bankruptcy bill.

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