Here’s What Donald Trump Is Desperately Trying To Hide…

Donald Trump is currently the undisputed GOP presidential nominee, but there is one person in his life that his campaign is currently desperately trying to hide.

According to Choice or Life, Trump’s campaign has been doing everything they can to keep his second daughter Tiffany out of the public eye. While the beautiful Ivanka is constantly with her father, the not-so-attractive Tiffany he’s been deemed a “threat” to Trump by his campaign advisors.


It’s easy to see why…


Unlike her more-serious siblings, Tiffany spends her days drinking and partying with her fellow Rich Kids of Instagram friends.


One of the main problems with Tiffany is that she’s always been open about how absent her father was from her life, which could make Trump look bad to voters.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have a typical father figure,” Tiffany once said. “He’s not the dad who’s going to take me to the beach and go swimming, but he’s such a motivational person.”

After her parents divorced, Tiffany was raised by her mother Marla Maples in California while Trump paid her bills. It wasn’t until halfway through this campaign that Tiffany finally backed her father publicly.


Then there’s the fact that Tiffany is dating a Democrat who is a proud Hillary Clinton supporter. Tiffany met Ross Mechanic, a software engineer, when they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania. We can’t imagine that Trump is very happy about his own daughter dating someone who supports his opponent…


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