Here’s What Obama Did Immediately After 11 Police Officers Were Shot – This Is SICK

Patriots everywhere are in mourning today after five police officers were shot dead in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest. It didn’t take long for Barack Hussein Obama to speak out about the tragedy, but instead of honoring the victims, he tried to shamelessly use it to further his gun control agenda.

According to Bizpac Review, Obama “access to powerful weapons make these types of things possible,” refusing to admit that it is his own rhetoric that has divided our nation that actually caused this anti-cop massacre.

Former New York City police officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday morning to criticize Obama for the way he has handled this.

“He saw a political opportunity to bring up the gun control issue and, regardless of the fact that there are still officers wounded (and) that we don’t even know if gun laws had anything to do with this at all, none of those facts are even out yet, he just senses political opportunities,” Bongino said. “His skin is very thick on this, he doesn’t seem to care and he does it and is really not interested in any backlash at all. It was totally inappropriate but that’s what he does.”

“What the guys are upset about, the men and women in law enforcement just to be clear here, is that fact that when we have the Alton Sterling shooting and the president commented, he made this big, broad statement about ‘this is an American problem.’ Well what’s an American problem?” the former cop continued.

“He said in the statement just minutes ago that facts matter – I think it’s clear to everyone listening, to you and I, that he didn’t have the facts either yesterday on that shooting (and) yet he constantly jumps out and stigmatizes the culture (of) the United States and cops,” he added. “So it’s not what he says after, it’s what he says in a responsible position before that matters.”

“He has the bully pulpit and he always uses it to seemingly say the wrong thing in these police shooting incidents,” Bongino concluded.

Shame on Obama for trying to use this unspeakable tragedy to further his anti-gun agenda. SHARE this story if you want him OUT of the White House!



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