Hilarious Photos Of Animals Taken At The Exact Perfect Moment

Wild animals are majestic, fascinating, frightening and at times, downright hilarious. Animal photography is a labor of love that requires a lot of patience and it may take a great deal of time to capture that perfect moment. However, whether out of pure luck or preparedness, some talented wildlife photographers have successfully captured some perfectly timed animal photos. Most of these incredible shots of animals looking goofy are so unbelievable such that you would have missed the moment just by blinking.
We rounded up some examples of the silliest animal antics ever captured on camera. We hope that you enjoy these chuckle-inducing photos.


1.    Music to the ears

Who needs headphones when you have two musical birds to sing for you? This Impala appears to be enjoying a serenade from two oxpeckers – or perhaps a lullaby now that he looks a bit sleepy. The music must be really good and he can’t help but sing along.


2.    Bye bye Monday


This is probably how I dive in my bed after enduring a tough Monday with all those long boring staff meetings while still nursing a hangover from a casual weekend of binge drinking with friends. What a better way to end a boring Monday that to dip your sorrows in bed?