Hillary Caught In Criminal Lie – This Could Put Her In Prison

Wikileaks dropped a bombshell on the DNC this weekend when they published nearly 20,000 hacked documents days before their convention.

According to Conservative Tribune, the emails exposed Hillary Clinton in yet another lie, this time about the Hillary Victory Fund. This fund was a joint fundraising venture between the DNC and the Clinton campaign that claimed to funnel money through the state parties into the DNC, and from there into the Clinton campaign’s Hillary For America coffers. $82 million was raised through this effort, yet the state parties kept just $800,000, which is less than 1%.

Emails confirmed that the DNC was aware that some were asking about the arrangement, and were keeping a close eye on any stories in the media pertaining to the arrangement as they hoped their ruse would go unnoticed.

“There’s been no coverage that we’ve found, which is what we wanted,” DNC communications director Luis Miranda declared in an email exchange back in April in which he discussed keeping the fundraising venture a secret from the media, ostensibly to keep Republicans from figuring out what was going on.

This proves once again that the DNC and Hillary Clinton are both shamefully corrupt. SHARE this story if they make you SICK!



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