Hillary Caught In Massive Lie About FBI Investigation – She’s In Trouble

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton proudly claimed that neither she nor her representatives have ever been contacted by the FBI about their investigation into her use of a personal emails server during her time as Secretary of State. Unfortunately for her, however, this was just revealed to be a blatant lie.

According to The Political Insider, CNN released a bombshell report on Thursday proving that FBI investigators have indeed interviewed Clinton’s top aides for their investigation. Even Clinton’s longtime aide and closest advisor Huma Abedin has provided investigators with an interview.

On top of that, Evan Perez, Justice Reporter for CNN, confessed that the FBI is “working on setting up” an interview with Clinton.

Ian Prior, spokesman for American Crossroads, slammed Clinton for lying about this investigation once again.

“If lying is an art, then Hillary Clinton is Picasso, da Vinci, and Van Gogh wrapped into one,” Prior said. “Clearly the FBI is working with her representatives to set up an interview about her unauthorized use of private server, yet Hillary went on national TV and lied to the American people. Again.”

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