Hillary Clinton Caught Using Racial Slur – This Could Destroy Her

Hillary Clinton got some very good news this week when the FBI announced that she would not be indicted. However, things quickly took a devastating turn for her when it was revealed that she was caught using a racial slur.

Considering how important the minority vote is in this election, this could cost her everything…

In his new book about the Clinton marriage, biographer Jerry Oppenheimer has claimed that when Bill unexpectedly lost his 1974 Arkansas congressional seat bid, Hillary screamed at his campaign manager, “you f*cking Jew bastard.”

Paul Fray, the campaign manager, and his wife confirmed the incident to the left-leaning Guardian.

“I was a little defensive about it. I looked to the floor thinking ‘How do I respond?’ I didn’t mind being called a son-of-a-bitch, but when it came to attacking my culture, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame,” Fray recalled, according to Daily Caller. “You’ve got to understand it was the heat of the moment. We knew we had lost. It was a case of people lashing out at one another and it just got to that point.”

Fray’s wife added that she also witnessed the exchange.

“I don’t know what provoked it or what,” she said. “I just remember that one little comment.”

Bill Clinton quickly spoke out to deny the allegations.

“I was there on election night in 1974 and the charge is simply not true,” the former president said. “She might have called him a bastard. I wouldn’t rule that out. She’s never claimed that she was pure on profanity. I’ve never heard her tell a joke with an ethnic connotation. She’s so fanatic about it. She can’t tell an ethnic joke – it’s not in her.”

Hillary also desperately spoke out to deny this.

“I have never said anything like that, ever,” she said. “I have in the past certainly, you know maybe, called somebody a name. But I have never used an ethnic, racial, anti-Semitic, bigoted, discriminatory, prejudiced, accusation against anybody. I’ve never done it. I’ve never thought it.”

Yeah, right…

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