Hillary Clinton Embroiled In Illegal Vote Rigging Scandal – This Could Put Her In JAIL

A major lawsuit is about to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, and it just may change the landscape of the 2016 U.S. presidential race forever.

According to Three Percent Nation, the group says that they have noticed a significant difference between the exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries in eleven states. In each of the states, the differences shifted the votes from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that a change like this is considered to be statistically impossible between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Here are the charts being submitted as evidence:



“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio Racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute… So they’re nailed,” said election lawyer Cliff Arnebeck, who is the chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and a national co-chair and attorney for the Alliance of Democracy.

Computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore pointed out that when exit poll data varies more than 2% from electronic vote totals, the electronic vote totals are questionable.

“This is not a Republican-Democrat issue, this is not a partisan issue, this is a Democracy issue, if you actually care about a Constitutional democracy in which each person votes, that vote is validated and the people who end up in office are reflected on the basis of the way people voted you care about this issue,” said Spoonamore, according to The Free Thought Project.

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