Hillary Clinton Gets Some VERY Bad News – It’s Happening

Hillary Clinton has found herself in hot water this week after she was called out by her campaign rivals for not holding a press conference all year.

According to Fox News, Clinton’s detractors say this is part of a “scripted” approach by the Democratic presidential front-runner even as she comes close to locking down the nomination.

“I think there’s a lot of frustration among the media about her accessibility,” Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, said on Wednesday.

Though Clinton claims she wants to speak to the media, she has only talked to reporters in set interviews. Donald Trump called her out for this during a press conference of his own on Tuesday.

When asked about this on Tuesday, Clinton said she will hold a press conference at some point.

“I believe that we do and we should answer questions. Of course, I’m going to,” Clinton said, adding that she has done “nearly 300 interviews just in 2016 and I believe that it’s important to continue to, you know, speak to the press as I’m doing right now.”

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