Hillary Clinton Gets The WORST News Of Her Life – She’s In Panic Mode

Hillary Clinton assumed that she had the Democratic presidential nomination on lock, but a bombshell was dropped by her opponent Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff on Tuesday that proves this may not be the case.

According to The Political Insider, Sanders’ campaign staff has confirmer that though he hasn’t been leading in the delegate or super delegate count, he will do well enough to force Clinton into a contested DNC convention.

This may be possible if Sanders wins Wisconsin and New York, which his supporters believe he will do.

“We’ve mapped out a path to victory in our campaign in terms of delegates — pledged delegates — and we don’t have to win everywhere, but we do have to win most of the states coming up,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told MSNBC on Tuesday. “So there’s no one state that’s a must-win, and as we look forward we’re gonna be able to accumulate the delegates we need to get the pledged delegate lead by the end of this primary and caucus process.”

Clinton currently has a 263-pledged-delegate lead over Sanders, and when the super delegates are factored in, this lead increases by 438 delegates. However, the Sanders campaign believes the super delegates will shift their support to match the popular vote.

“He is winning by these gigantic margins, and that’s gonna allow him to catch up the secretary,” Weaver told CNN’s New Day.

Weaver went on to say that it is unlikely that either candidate will get 2,383 pledged delegates to win the nomination. He said super delegates, “don’t count until they vote, and they don’t vote until we get to the convention. So when we arrive at the convention, it will be an open convention, likely with neither candidate having a majority of pledged delegates. So I think it’ll be an interesting Democratic convention.”

“What this campaign is looking for and what the senator is looking for is going into the convention and coming out with the nomination,” Weaver continued.

Sanders’ campaign also called into question whether or not Clinton can win the whole election, challenging whether she can rally support from Democrats and independents backing Sanders.

“[If] Bernie Sanders is the nominee, he will get the over, over, overwhelming support of Democrats in this race. The question is who can capture and mobilize young people and independents in this race to bring them out and to have them vote in the general election so that we can elect not just Bernie Sanders but Democrats up and down the ballot,” Weaver said. “Hillary Clinton is not gonna do that. All these young people who are coming out for Bernie Sanders, are they gonna come out for Hillary Clinton? I’m not so confident about that given how many times she’s dissed them recently.”

Since the Republicans will undoubtedly wipe the floor with Sanders in a general election, we’re hoping he beats Clinton and knocks her out of the race for good. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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