Hillary Clinton Hit With Bombshell New Charge – This Could Put Her In Jail

Days after the FBI finally questioned Hillary Clinton about her use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State, reports are coming in that she may be facing another charge very soon.

McClatchy DC reported that even if Obama’s Justice Department does not indict Clinton on perjury charges, she may be charged with espionage.

Though Clinton has claimed that there was no classified information on her email servers, over 2,000 of her emails have since been labeled as “classified,” with at least 20 being too sensitive to be released to the public. According to Conservative Tribune, the Espionage Act states that allowing classified information to fall into enemy hands “through gross negligence” is still a punishable crime.

It is very likely that Clinton’s email server was hacked by foreign governments, and if it can be proven that this happened, she may find herself in prison. Obama is doing everything he can to protect Clinton, but even he may not be able to save her from the Espionage Act.

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