Hillary Clinton Makes Horrifying Announcement – We Need To Stop Her NOW

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave us yet another reason not to vote for her on Wednesday when she promised to make it easier for immigrants to secure citizenship in a meeting with New York activists, telling them she would use her campaign to “knock down all the barriers.”

“The hassle of becoming a citizen is sometimes overwhelming,” Clinton said, referring to the millions of illegal aliens who are eligible for citizenship but have not applied.

“We should not add a series of barriers,” she continued, according to Daily Caller. “I’m using this campaign to knock down all the barriers.”

Clinton went on to reveal her plan to create a new federal agency called the Office of Immigration Affairs, which would streamline services to both legal and illegal immigrants. Her Manhattan meeting was timed just ahead of the New York primary, in which the Latino vote will be crucial.

Clinton also promised to  devote more money to immigrants so they could become educated and learn about their options to obtain legal status and citizenship and “do much more to further our goal of integration.”

“Let’s make this a high priority,” she said.

Frankly, this woman makes us sick. SHARE this story if you think Hillary should be in jail!



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