Hillary Panicking After This HUMILIATING Footage Goes Viral – Trump Was Right…

Hillary Clinton is doing everything in her power to make it look like she is more popular than Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, however, this could not be further from the truth.

On Tuesday, Clinton held a rally in Haverford, Pennsylvania today with her daughter Chelsea and Hollywood A-lister Elizabeth Banks. According to The Gateway Pundit, the mainstream media is once again refusing to report on how small the turnout at this event was.

In a pathetic attempt to hide the fact that nobody is passionate enough about Clinton to actually make the trip to come watch her, the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign literally bussed in people so that the event would appear more full. Though they were caught on camera bussing people in, the mainstream media refused to air the footage.

This proves once again that Donald Trump has been right in asserting that the mainstream media has rigged this election against him. SHARE this story so we can spread this video!



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