Hillary Thought The Cameras Were Off When She Said THIS – This Footage Could End Her

Hillary Clinton recently sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, and when the pair thought their microphones were off, they engaged in a conversation about Donald Trump that they definitely didn’t want anyone to overhear.

According to Q Political, Clinton and Matthews began talking about the media coverage surrounding Donald Trump and his endorsement from Chris Christie. They then made some harsh comments when they moved to discussing why the media follows Trump so closely.

Clinton: “Man, you guys can’t stop covering him (Trump). I mean, he is a dangerous presence. And you know, it’s just like candy by the bushel.”

Matthews: “… we have a progressive audience, obviously. But nobody can tell what works, what people want to watch.”

Clinton: “Yeah, people must think they want to watch him.”

Matthews: “You can laugh at him.”

Clinton also was rude about Christie’s endorsement, as she asked Matthews, “Did he have a debt or something?”

Listen to the full audio that was leaked below:

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