Hillary’s Darkest Secret Leaks – She Never Wanted Us To Find This

Newly-released campaign emails have exposed Hillary Clinton as both a fake and a control-freak, and they will likely cost her legions of liberal voters.

According to Daily Caller, the emails reveal that Clinton demanded control of most aspects of her appearances at schools, including introductory speeches, questions, and details as small as what type of glassware would be used in her presence. The emails were between Clinton’s campaign and public schools and colleges in South Carolina, and they were published by the Associated Press on Thursday.

The media relations director at Greenville Technical College wrote the school’s president that Clinton’s campaign “wanted to write your introduction. I told them no.” The college’s president also refused the campaign’s request to let them script questions, saying they had come up with “bad questions.”

In another email, Clay Middleton, the state director for the Clinton campaign, asked for a list of two or three students who would speak from another college. Later, at a high school event, Clinton’s campaign wanted to see and edit an introduction speech by a student.

The Clinton campaign has long been criticized for their wooden, scripted performances. However, they continue to claim that they run a non-scripted, off the cuff campaign. Clinton staffer Nick Merrill stated, “we take pride in Secretary Clinton’s ability to answer tough questions. We do not screen questioners at events, nor do we script interactions.”

Yeah, right…

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