Hollywood Actor Considering Entering Presidential Race To Defeat Trump

Shocking new reports have revealed that Hollywood star David Hasselhoff is considering a presidential bid.

According to Daily Caller, the former Baywatch star is in serious talks with communications strategist Liz Mair about running as an independent. A letter from Mair to her Mair Strategies’ clients has leaked, and though the letter does not state what office 63 year-old Hasselhoff is seeking, sources say he is aiming for the White House.


Here is the full letter:


I wanted to give you a heads up about some new political work we will be undertaking, should you have any questions or concerns about it and wish to address it with me.

Mair Strategies has been contracted by a representative of David Hasselhoff to explore a potential run for federal office by Mr. Hasselhoff. We’re not disclosing at this time which federal office Mr. Hasselhoff is looking at, though it would be fair to say that Donald Trump’s apparent political success has piqued his interest and belief that there might be a place for him in public service, too.

Please note that this represents a departure from the firm’s standard practice of only representing Republican candidates for elected office; if he runs, Mr. Hasselhoff will most likely run as an Independent.

Based on our conversations with our new client, we have not identified any conflicts of interest with existing clients, nor can we foresee any developing. However, as Mr. Hasselhoff has been a figure in the entertainment realm and not the political realm, please do contact me with any questions or concerns relating to issue positioning and the potential for conflicts to arise.

Note also that we do not currently anticipate any conflict between our work on Make America Awesome SuperPAC matters and this new client, but should that situation change, we have contingency plans in place to ensure continuity of leadership of Make America Awesome so that we will be well-positioned to continue serving our current clients as well as this newest one.

As I say, please can you let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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