Hoodlum Steals WWII Veteran’s Wallet – Gets A RUDE Wakeup Call

The family of a deceased World War II veteran were stunned to discover recently that charges had been made on his credit card after his death.

WFLA reported that when police investigated, they found that 33 year-old Kevin A. Cullen, a gravedigger at the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell where the veteran was buried, had stolen the man’s credit card to buy pizza and video games for himself. According to Conservative Tribune, Cullen confessed to stealing the veteran’s credit card when he was supposed to be burying his body.


On Monday, Cullen was charged with  “fraudulent use of personal information of a deceased person, disturbing the contents of a grave or tomb, theft of a credit card and petit theft,” the report stated.

Frankly, we think what this young hoodlum did was absolutely sick. SHARE if you think he should rot in prison!



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