IHop ANNIHILATES Entitled Muslim Family, But Then Gets Hit Back With THIS

In Obama’s America, Muslims have started crying out about discrimination every chance they get. This happened once again this week when a Muslim family made wild accusations against a Connecticut IHop restaurant manager. They filed a ridiculous lawsuit against the IHop, but the way the judge responded is even worse…

It all started when Tarek Mohamed Khedr decided to stop by IHOP with his wife Ikbal Elsayed Elgazzar, who was wearing a full hijab, and their 12 year-old son for an 11:30am brunch on March 28. According to Mad World News, the family claims they demanded the hostess seat them by the window.

Khedr whines that his family had to wait 25 minutes to be seated, and that during the wait, they noticed three tables that were waiting to be cleaned. When he asked the staff to clean them, Khedr claims  the restaurant’s manager, Richard Vasile, “started to look at us up and down with anger, hate, and dirty looks because my wife was wearing a veil, as per our religion of Islam.”

In his sworn statement, Khedr claims that Vasile inexplicably ordered three waiters not to serve the family and to instead throw them out of the restaurant.

“The employees and customers who overheard the manager were surprised and shocked by this manager’s discriminatory attitude directed at my family,” said Khedr. “I was speechless, embarrassed, humiliated, and insulted. I held my anger, trying to hide my feelings in front of my wife and child without saying any word or comment in response, but of course everyone around was well aware of the issue.”

Khedr says he tried to call IHop’s headquarters, but could not reach anyone because they were closed, so he called the police. Officers informed them that the restaurant could refuse to serve anyone they want to.

The next day, Khedr called the IHop headquarters again and spoke with a customer service representative. The owner of the restaurant quickly called him and asked him not to file legal action until they talk again, but the Muslim says that this was the last he heard from IHop. Therefore, he filed a lawsuit against IHop two weeks later for “racial discrimination, unlawful public accommodation discrimination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

IHop’s lawyer Refai Arefin fired back by filing a motion to dismiss lawsuit.

“In the case at bar, plaintiffs failed to allege that other individuals not of their alleged protected class were treated differently,” wrote Arefin in court documents. “Plaintiffs’ complaint also does not contain any allegation in support of a discriminatory motive. Plaintiffs’ complaint states that they ‘believe’ they were refused service based on their race, national origin, or religion.”

Despite the fact that the Muslim family has absolutely no evidence to support their claims, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Meyer chose to side with the plaintiffs by allowing the lawsuit to proceed to court. The judge ruled that IHOP’s lawyer’s argument “reflects a basic misunderstanding of discrimination law.”

“Although a complaint must allege facts sufficient to establish or infer a discriminatory motive, it need not further identify or allege that other persons were treated differently,” wrote Meyer. “[T]o conclude that proof of differential treatment of others may be relevant and helpful to proving discriminatory motive does not mean—as defendants suggest—that such proof is categorically necessary to sustain a discrimination claim.”

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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