BREAKING: Bill Clinton Had SEX on Oval Office Desk – the Details Are Shocking

Hillary Clinton is in panic mode this week as former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who was on the Clinton’s detail for their eight years in the White House, prepares to release a tell-all book detailing their various scandals.

According to Daily Mail, Byrne details the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, who he says the then-president pursued relentlessly.

“What (if anything) she did all day as an intern mystified me. Some days she seemingly had nothing better to do than play I Spy the President,” Byrne wrote in his upcoming book Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate, which comes out June 28.

“Monica hung around us batting her eyes until she overheard the president’s position or direction of travel, then bolted to maneuver into his path. She lived for even his passing glance,” the agent continued.

When the president was off-limits and occupied, Byrne says Lewinsky would come up with lame excuses to see him.

“‘I’m just here to use the bathroom; You mean I have to walk all the way around?; They asked me to deliver something here; I’m just here to see a friend’; were only a few,” Byrne recalled.

Byrne claimed that all the agents in the Secret Service regularly saw Bill and Monica “embracing, making out, or on the Oval Office Desk.”

Byrne was so disturbed by the affair that he personally went to the Deputy Chief of Staff Evelyn Lieberman and asked for Monica to be transferred out of the West Wing.

“I believe I have your – the administration’s – best interest in mind,” he reportedly told her.

The next day, Monica was transferred to the East Executive Building, where she became a Social Office intern under Hillary.

“I do believe Mrs. Clinton knew of the affairs, but how did she feel about an affair with someone of her own daughter’s age? And in the Oval Office? In plain sight of us? Still, I don’t think she knew of Monica,” Byrne guessed.

However, Byrne’s ploy didn’t work, and Bill worked his magic to get Monica back in the West Wing within a few days.

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