ISIS Executes At Least 21 People In Devastating Attack

ISIS launched yet another attack on Tuesday, killing at least 21 Christians in the Syrian town of al-Qaryatain.

According to The Political Insider, three women were among the 21 victims, and five additional people that are missing are believed to be dead.

Earlier this month, al-Qaryatain was liberated by Russian-backed Syrian from ISIS control. Militants with the terrorist group responded by kidnapping around 230 Christians from the town, and those who were executed today were among those hostages.

Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II, head of the Syrian Orthodox Church, revealed that some of the victims were killed for trying to escape the town, while others were executed after being accused of violating their “dhimmi contracts,” which forced them to submit to Shariah law or face death.

Other Christians who were kidnapped by ISIS in the town were released back to their families after ransoms were paid. Sadly, many of the Christian women that were kidnapped are being sold into sexual slavery.

Obama can’t even use the words “radical” and “Islam” in the same sentence, yet ISIS is still killing as many Christians as they can get their hands on. SHARE this story if you think it’s time for Obama to take action!



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