ISIS Kills 292 In Horrifying New Attack – Please Pray

The world was devastated last weekend when ISIS detonated a truck full of explosives in a commercial area of Baghdad. Days later, the death toll from this attack has increased to 292 as dozens more have perished of their injuries.

According to CNN, the Iraqi Ministry of Health has confirmed that an additional 200 people were wounded in the attack. DNA testing is currently being conducted on 177 of the victims to try to figure out their identities. 115 of the bodies have already been returned to their families for burial.

The truck full of bombs plowed into a building that houses a coffeeshop as well as numerous stores just after midnight on Sunday. The area was packed with people who had gathered to celebrate the end of their Ramadan fasts.

ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Iraqi government executed five of their militants in retaliation.

Please keep all those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers.



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