ISIS-Supporting Muslim Assaults Texas Cops – Then Patriots Give Him A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

Barack Hussein Obama is constantly downplaying ISIS and saying they pose no threat to our nation. Stories like this, however, prove that this isn’t the case at all.

Despite what Obama says, it’s clear that our country is under attack from radical Islamists. Since the president won’t protect us, we’re going to have to do it ourselves…

Freedom Daily Another day, another ISIS inspired attack for liberals to claim has nothing to do with Islam.

BizPacReview reports on just the latest incident, this one in Texas. Last time there was an ISIS inspired attack in Texas (against an event held by Pamela Geller), both assailants were shot deadbefore they could do any damage.
Mass shooters are known to choose areas where firearms are banned in selecting areas to attack. Apparently terrorists aren’t smart enough to do the same. Here’s a lesson for ISIS: don’t mess with Texas.

When Wahib Sadek was being arrested, he claimed to be affiliated with the Islamic State, according to CBS News 11, Dallas-Fort Worth.

Two people flagged down an Arlington School Resource Officer at about 3:00 p.m. Tuesday to report an aggravated assault by a man believed to have been armed.

When the officer found a vehicle matching Sadek’s description and pulled it over, Sadek immediately exited his car and began approaching the officer in an aggressive manner.

When Sadek refused to follow the officer’s instructions, he used a taser to incapacitate him, and with the help of two bystanders was finally able to handcuff him.

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