Judge Risks Everything To ANNIHILATE Obama After Dallas – Silences Him With THIS

After last week’s tragic shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead at the hands of a radical Black Lives Matter activist, Judge Jeanine Pirro had finally had enough with Barack Hussein Obama and his race-baiting agenda. On her show on Sunday, Pirro annihilated Obama for the racial division he has perpetrated in this country.

”Dallas was about anarchy. It was about lawlessness. It was about the rhetoric that too easily inflames those who feel wronged, rhetoric that does nothing but repeatedly stoke the flames and scars of old wounds resolved long ago,” Pirro said, according to GOP The Daily Dose.

She went on to say that Obama stokes the flames of racial unrest every chance he gets.

“Mr. President, you’ve done nothing but tell us we deserve it. You’ve done nothing but look back in the rearview mirror,” the judge said. “But when I look at Dallas, all I saw were whites and blacks running away from anarchy. All I saw were whites and blacks picking each other up. That’s the America I see. And no one is going to change my mind. And no one – not even you, Mr. President – is going to do that.”

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