Keith Urban Makes Heartbreaking Announcement – Please Send Prayers

Keith Urban has become one of the most popular country music singers in the world thanks in large part to his positive and joyous attitude. That’s why it came as a huge surprise to his fans when his heartbreaking past was revealed.

When Urban recently received the Country Radio Broadcasters’ 2016 Artist Humanitarian Award, the singer opened up about how a devastating house fire his family went through during his childhood inspired him to always pay it forward. According to Q Political, Urban was only 9 years-old when his family returned to their home in Caboolture, Australia to find that their house had burned to the ground.

“We were all okay, but we lost all our belongings, which wasn’t much, but it was everything we had. And without hesitation, our country music club immediately put on a fundraiser for us,” Urban revealed.

This experience is what often comes to mind for Urban when people ask him to define “country music.”

“There’s always so many answers to that,” he said, “but the one thing I really believe to be true, no matter where you come from, is it’s about community.”

In the end, the fire helped bring Urban closer to Jesus Christ.

“I’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to lose all that sort of thing. I mean, our whole house went down,” Urban said. “Everything we owned went with it. Fortunately, my mom, and my dad, and my brother and I were OK, but in that moment, organizations like the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Goodwill all came to our aid, as did the people in our community. It was amazing at that age to see that kind of instant support, and for no other reason than just a neighbor helping a neighbor. It really affected me.”

“After our house burned down and we had to live in our tin tractor shed for 18 months, my older brother, Shane, and I sleeping in a single bed on one side of a big workbench, my parents on the other, and it looked like a squatter’s residence – all that, for me, is a great memory,” he revealed.

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