Latino Radio Host Risks Everything To HUMILIATE Hillary Clinton On Air – ‘You Should Go To Jail’

Hillary Clinton is under the impression that she will get most of the Hispanic votes because of Donald Trump’s controversial comments about illegal immigration. However, not all Latinos are blindly falling in line with Hillary…

The American Mirror reported that popular Latino radio host Enrique Santos dropped a bombshell on Hillary during an interview this week when he revealed that most of his family is planning to NOT vote for her. Though he himself is a Hillary supporter, Santos said his family feels differently.

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail,” he stated, according to Conservative Tribune. “How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field?”

Hillary replied by instructing Santos and his family to not listen to what anyone says about her.

“Well, number one, I would ask them not to be listening to the negative attacks that have been relentless against me,” she said after a short pause.

Here’s the full exchange, with the relevant portion starting around the 14:00 mark:

Hillary then said that her record as Secretary of State is a reason to vote for her, neglecting to mention the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead on her watch.

“People who know me don’t pay attention to the kind of ridiculous, untrue attacks that are in the media against me that come out of, you know, Donald Trump and other Republicans,” she said.

Of course Hillary is telling people not to listen to what others are saying about her, because most of the allegations against her are true. SHARE this story if you think Hillary Clinton should be in JAIL!



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