Laura Bush Stuns Supporters With Heartbreaking Announcement

November 6, 1963Unlike our current mess of a first lady, Laura Bush was the epitome of class and elegance during her time in the White House. Now, she is coming forward with details about her life that shows that she has come through a lot more adversity than people think.

Laura recounted:

I worked as a teacher and librarian and I learned how important reading is in school and in life. But I didn’t just learn this in the classroom – I learned it at home from my mother. When I was a little girl, my mother would read stories to me. I have loved books and going to the library ever since. In the summer, I liked to spend afternoons reading in the library. I enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie books and Little Women, and many others. I know that with this money, you’ll be able to read lots of new books and find favorites of your own.

Reading gives you enjoyment throughout your life. Of course, as with any other skill, such as dancing, the secret to enjoying reading is to practice. A great way to practice is to spend time exploring in the library. Another way to enjoy books is by sharing your favorites with your friends and family. Just one discussion about a memorable chapter or an interesting character can lead to a better understanding of people and cultures.

According to The Political Insider, tragedy struck when 17 year-old Laura ran a stop sign in her hometown on November 6, 1963. Sadly, she struck and killed her classmate Michael Douglas, and the accident changed her life forever.

“It had the effect of making her a little more thoughtful, a little sadder, a little more world wise,” she recalled.

Most people would have been destroyed by an accident like that, but not Laura. Instead, she used it as motivation to live the best life she could.

God bless you, Laura Bush!



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