At Least 15 Dead After ISIS Affiliates Storm Hotel – Many More Injured

At least 15 people were killed on Saturday after gunmen affiliated with ISIS stormed a hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. Around 25 others were injured as well.

According to CNN, they began the attack by detonating a vehicle filled with explosives at the hotel gate. One of the terrorists then blew himself up inside the Naso Hablod hotel as gunmen stormed the building. Somali police Capt. Aden Dahir told the press that police engaged in a gun battle with the terrorists that lasted for several hours.

The militant group Al-Shabaab, which is affiliated with ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack. Most of the victims were civilians who were passersby and customers of nearby shops and a gas station. The hotel is known to be frequented by Somali government officials, lawmakers and security officers, which Dahir says is likely why it was targeted.

We will update you further as this story develops.



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