Liberal Comedian Turns On Obama – Annihilates President On Live TV

Liberal comedian John Oliver risked everything this week when he turned on Barack Obama and slammed him for his humiliating visit to Saudi Arabia.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama recently flew to the Middle Eastern nation to grovel at the king’s feet as reports surfaced that a portion of a 9/11 report possibly implicating the Saudis in the major terrorist attack. Unfortunately for Obama, his visit backfired when he was essentially snubbed by the Saudis, as Oliver pointed out on his show this week.

On a recent episode of his show Last Week Tonight Oliver talked about how Obama’s arrival in Riyadh had been met by low-level officials like the governor, and not King Salman or a high-level contingent of royals. He went on to say that the king typically always meets world leaders at the tarmac, so this was a clear shot at Obama himself.

This “is like finding out your parents didn’t forget to pick you up from soccer practice. They showed up, bought an ice cream for a bunch of other kids, then intentionally left without you,” Oliver said.

Oliver went on to express the sentiment that the Saudis are likely waiting for Obama to leave office, as they’d much rather work with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump over him.

We applaud Oliver for speaking out against Obama. What do you think about this clip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



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