Liberal Nitwit Tries To Cut Off A Semi-Truck, Then Gets A BRUTAL Surprise

In this video, an idiot driver learns the hard way that cutting off a semi-truck is never a good idea.

According to Conservative Tribune, dashcam footage shows the silver car move from the far right lane of traffic into the middle lane and then into the far left lane, but the driver clearly wasn’t looking to see if there was another vehicle in the left lane before crossing over.

Since semi-trucks can’t stop that suddenly, the truck had no choice but to ram the silver car, sending it into the guardrails before it swerved back onto the road.

Dashcam footage shows why you should never cut off a semi truck. Luckily, no one was injured!

Posted by ViralHog on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Facebook user who uploaded the video said that nobody was injured in this incident, but this easily could have taken a deadly turn. This serves as a grim reminder to always be careful and vigilant when driving on the highway!



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