Louisiana Shooter’s Identity Revealed… MEDIA SILENT

The nation was horrified on Sunday when three Baton Rouge police officers were shot dead. Barack Obama’s media immediately began reporting that this was NOT a case of police officers being targeted by an Obama-voting race-baiter. However, it has since been confirmed that this is actually exactly who the shooter was.

According to CBS News, the shooter has been identified as Gavin Long, an African-American man who committed the massacre on his 29th birthday. A self-described life coach, nutritionist and personal trainer, Long had written three books in which he race-baited like crazy.

Long had released a series of disturbing Youtube videos before his death in which he called for action against police in the wake of the Dallas shooting earlier this month. One video of his was reportedly shot in Dallas by Long immediately after the shooting there that left five officers dead.

In one of the videos, Long claims to be part of the Nation of Islam, an allegation that the FBI is currently investigating. Regardless, it is clear that the mainstream media is trying to hide the fact that like the Dallas shooting, this one was caused by Obama’s race-baiting, anti-police attitude that he has inflicted on our country for seven long years.

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