Major World Leader Humiliates Obama In Front Of Entire World With THIS

A few weeks ago, Barack Hussein Obama became the first American president to visit Hiroshima, Japan. This week, the state-run Korean Central News Agency spoke out to slam Obama for this trip, calling it “a childish political calculation.”

“Even if Obama visits the damaged city, he cannot hide his identity as a nuclear war fanatic and nuclear weapons proliferator,” the North Korean publication said, according to American News. “Obama is seized with the wild ambition to dominate the world by dint of the U.S. nuclear edge.”

China was also enraged by Obama’s trip, as the Japanese massacred 300,000 people in the country’s then-capital of Nanjing during World War II.

“It is worth focusing on Hiroshima, but it’s even more important that we should not forget Nanjing,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi commented.

South Koreans were also offended by Obama’s trip.

“The world thinks Japan is the atomic bomb victim. That is wrong,” said Shim Jin-Tae, a Korean who survived the bombing and who was protesting with the Association of Korean Atomic Bomb Victims outside the U.S. Embassy in Seoul. “Japan is the country that began the war. Koreans are the victims of the atomic bomb. Japan, as a country that started the war, has never apologized.”

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